Skills developed during Bachelor’s and Master’s degree of JEst members, who come from different department of Università di Padova, provide a wide wealth of knowledge. Furthermore, our association takes part in numerous formations during the year made by experts in the area in which we are interested. In this way we are able to provide high quality services to firms and public entities.


JEst provides consulting and management services for  all social media for firms or events. Our services include both social media marketing and content marketing. We also provide the possibility of designing and printing all graphic material which belongs to the firm.


An impressive presentation to potential customers is crucial. JEst Information Technology Area, therefore, provides websites building, web marketing and web design services. Furthermore we provide SEO & Analytics consulting services.


The team from Jest Legal Area provides legal consulting services and support. We cover Personal Data Protection and IT Contracts, Civil and Commercial Law.


Having a close-knit and unite working team is necessary for all the activities. Our Human Resources team hence provides consulting services and team building management for firms and start ups, beginning with the event design and up to the whole organizzation.


In this service, JEst is featured by creativity, flexibility, precision and accident management. That is why feedbacks are always more positive.


In several years of activity, JEst gave life to numerous projects. The most known surely is Becoming Manager®, which is a day dedicated to the meeting between firms and students, at what is now its 13th edition! 

Different simulations developed in collaboration with expert firms, which allow the participants to try for themselves fundamental principles of Project Management, Risk Management and of Lean Production are equally important.

Becoming Manager® is an event at its 14th edition. Its aim is to create a link between university world and work one. During the day a conference and two speed interview take place, an innovative way to recruit among the best Engineering and Economics student of Università di Padova.

Lean Competition is a simulation made by JEst in collaboration with Sintesia, consulting society working on Lean Organization. The originality of this simulation, which allows to put into practice all the principles of Lean Production, lies in the indissoluble union between a decisional phase at the top with the practical implementation of the decisions taken then.

Act-In Class is a laboratory which can be included in the student plan. It is organized by JEst in collaboration with Ingegneria Gestionale course of Università di Padova and Azzurro Digitale

It was born from the collaboration between
JEst and PPM division in Horsa.
It represent a realistic simulation
of management of a project, in which participants will build project teams and shall operate onto internal and external variables.

This simulation was born è thanks to collaboration with Horsa. to answer to the needs of contemporary market. It allows the participants to try their risks forecasting and management ability through a realistic and interactive competition between different teams.


Project Management Skills Evaluation is a service born from the idea of testing ability of team working, communication, leadership and Project Management of a group of candidates during a group interview in a precise, innovative and dynamic manner.


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