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A student who joins JEst knows the opportunities which are provided and the commitment asked to him to collaborate and grow the entire team.

Students servIces



JEst works in different areas lefting its members to express themselves. It provides training hints and personal, professional and cultural growth possibility, providing services for students, firms and public bodies.
Those who join JEst are offered the possibility to try their skills and verify their own attitudes, with the aim of specialize in the area in which they feel more confident and to collaborate with other people who share the same interests.



JEst undertakes numerous services for the students every year

Becoming Manager® has the aim to create a link between university world and work one. During the day a conference and two speed interview take place,

Welcome Day is planned by JEst in collaboration with DTG with the aim to welcome and inform freshmen of everything about University and the rest.

Act-In Class is a laboratory which can be included in the student plan. It is organized by JEst in collaboration with Ingegneria Gestionale course of Università di Padova and Azzurro Digitale.



All members take part since they join in numerous training courses hosted by experts in areas in which we are specialised. In this way we can provide to all members the possibility to grow and try. This allows to provide furthermore high quality services to firms and public bodies.

Events planning

Long years of activity gave birth to advantageous collaboration with the Government, the firms and the university, too. A team leader is there, who will have to assign tasks to the different members, to manage carefully the economic resources given and to keep under control general situation.

Team working

Team working is a fundamental soft skill, looked for always more insistently between firms. In JEst you have the opportunity to learn, develop and upgrade this skill through continuos comparison and trade of ideas in between members.

Social Media Marketing

You can develop communication and marketing skills needed to interact with customers in modern world. Furthermore, joining JEst will allow you to learn how to use the main Adobe graphical softwares testing your creative and communication skills.

Stage and alternation school-job possibilities

Firms who worked with JEst throughout the years see our association as a pool of students trained and smart. Our porjects, requested almost by firms and entity of the area, can be done individually or by a group, according to the needs.

IT skills

In the last years JEst has strongly aimed to IT upgrade and training. Within JEst you can learn to develop web sites, acquire web marketing and web design skills, while learning in depth and applying fundamental themes as SEO & Analytics.

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